The Law Offices of Bien & Robinson

Fred Bien is a criminal defense lawyer characterized by his utmost professionalism and passion for criminal defense. He has worked on countless cases to help many in situations of dire consequence.

The law offices of Bien and Robinson have only one goal—to provide only the absolute best legal representation you can get. We truly work close to our clients, and aim for only the best solutions to whatever issues you may be facing. Our quality is something that the law offices of Bien and Robinson take very much pride in. And because we take pride in our close built relationships to clients, we do all we can to be reasonable in our fee structure.

Consultations are available at the law offices of Bien and Robinson— where, in confidence, you can feel free to discuss and meet upon any of your legal issues or other legal needs. As former deputy district attorneys, we have the kind of experience that counts. Not only that, but our office handles a wide variety of cases, and aims to satisfy any client needs.

Legal issues can be rough to deal with for anyone, but you can make your life easier. Our staff is available at all times. Call our office for a toll free consultation. Bien and Robinson is here not only to help, but to support you in all your legal endeavors. Be sure to give us a call.

The law offices of Bien and Robinson are proud to serve clients from all over Southern California, with our multiple office locations. Cities such as Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, and Santa Barbara are only one call away.