Bien & Robinson - Our Testimonials

Absolutely stunned by the knowledge, and level of expertise here. Bien and Robinson were a great choice! Avoided a felony!

-JK. Rivera, Riverside, CA

Not only was Craig Robinson of Bien and Robinson both friendly and polite, he got me out of a prison sentence. Thanks to them—I was able to even get a settlement from the prosecution.

-Mulani K., Orange, CA

Don’t go elsewhere. I talked to a lot of lawyers about my particular trial. Let me tell you Bien and Robinson are awesome, lawyers are never as supportive as these guys. Got my trial completely acquitted for my assault charges. Worth every single penny. Absolutely!

-Jacob S., Los Angeles, CA

Really great job. Fred Bien actually happened to know the judge during my trial, and I was able to get out of my criminal charges extremely easily, and avoid community services. They even got me a reduced fine.

-Sara P., West Hills, CA